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About the ils Network

Kaustav Majumdar

Kaustav Majumdar is the founder of the ILS Network, and serves as its chief executive officer. He coordinates strategy and brand positioning, leads several verticals including training and assessments, and spends much of his time building and strengthening our network of companies, partners, clients, and friends. More information on Kaustav is available at

ILS Network is an incubator for great ideas, projects, and people
About the ILS Network.

We specialize in bringing together interdisciplinary consulting teams with domain-specific expertise in India, the US, the UK, and the Middle East. Current areas of emphasis include human capital management, security consulting, digital branding, online reputation management, a world-class conference lineup, experiential learning with adventure sports training, a speakers exchange program, HR consulting, and technical services including Lotus Notes and business intelligence readiness.


ils Foundation

Website Grant Program

The first round of the ILS Foundation's website grant program has closed; one social enterprise and one NGO have been awarded technology consulting packages including web strategy, design, development, project management, and cloud-based hosting infrastructure.

Women's Empowerment

After several well-publicized crimes against women, including the Park Street rape case and the Guwahati mob molestation allegedly incited by a reporter, it is clear that our home in Bengal is no longer a safe place for women. We are working with experts in experiential learning and behavioural analysis to provide a free series of women's self defense workshops, in partnership with local NGOs.

The ILS Foundation builds deep partnerships with corporations, NGOs, and governments for systemic social change in India and elsewhere in the world. With agile, multi-disciplinary teams drawn from our extensive consulting network, we tend to value projects that are lean, efficient, and highly scalable.

Current ideas in various stages of development include:

  • We are educating one child for every participant at the ILS Network’s premier line of conferences and professional training workshops. Three conference events are planned for 2012, reaching a total of 1,000 participants from hundreds of companies across India - and educating 1,000 children.
  • Since our work involves both the nonprofit / social enterprize sector and our extensive corporate networks, we're developing ways to bring those worlds together. Our partnership with Calcutta area technology companies to offer free consulting to NGOs is one example.
  • We are building a podium to highlight extraordinary people and organizations who have had a meaningful impact on social development all over the world, with a special emphasis on India. Interviews with the first round of extraordinaires are currently underway.

Careers at ils

HTML / CSS / Jquery Developer

We're looking for someone to join our rockstar digital team. Must know Blueprint, 960gs, or another grid framework (and use it effectively), customize and implement common Jquery plugins, and write solid code that is as beautiful and elegant as the design you're working from. Cross-browser excellence based on progressive enhancement is expected if you're going to learn the stuff we'll be working with this year. Be excited about Sass. We want you to work smarter, not harder.

ILS Network is growing extremely rapidly, but we're very selective about who we work with. Attitude, passion, and instatiable curiosity are more important than experience or buzzwords. We love good communicators who write persuasively (plan to blow us away with your cover letter), can think critically and constructively, and who take the time to learn about who we are and what we do. Being a good match for our work culture and sense of humour is more important than being a strict match for a job description.

Stellar references and portfolios are expected at this level, but expect to be tested on everything. An obstacle course may be involved.

If your CV is more than one page long, you'd better be really awesome.




Head Office

Prashanti building, suite 3B, Hindusthan Road, Kolkata – 700029, West Bengal, India

Tel:+91 90075 28706

Branch Office

86, Golaghata Road, Jamuna Apartment, 3rd Floor, Kolkata- 700048, West Bengal, India


ils Adventure

Adventure sports images.

ILS Adventure offers experiential learning programs for corporate teams, individuals, and groups. Training combines proven teaching techniques with adventure sports activities set in some of the most beautiful beaches, jungles, and mountains in West Bengal and Sikkim.

We are fascinated by experiential learning. Both professionals and student groups learn more effectively if they can enjoy what they are learning. Both learn much more effectively if learning goals can be personalized, with a shared, authentic, visceral experience. The combination of getting learners out of their usual environments and a powerful learning-by-doing curriculum enables a very intense training experience.

We’ve found that experiential learning programs are extremely challenging to develop effectively if we’re trapped within the paradigm of “normal” training. Our IT Security training head is an experienced trekker and rock climbing leader, while our self defense instructor also teaches client management and engagement. It’s never enough to simply offer a training program combined with some kind of picnic; an authentic experiential learning program integrates the experience with a carefully designed training curriculum, that rarely feels like corporate or academic “training” at all...and builds incredible teams.

We use role-playing, dramatics, and story telling as our primary means of delivery, led by a team of multidisciplinary specialists. Not convinced? Join us for a shorter weekend workshop at cost, and let’s chat about how experiential learning could work for you.


ils Learning

Training is our oldest service area; ILS began as a corporate training house in 2004. Our training programs were developed in consultation with some of the best human capital management practioners in the country to address a critical need: corporates understand the necessity of training, but are forced to get by with inefficient, ineffective training measures with a lack of true metrics for measuring, evaluating, and evolving their training processes and results.

The rapid growth in the training industry in India confirms that these problems are growing to keep pace with India’s explosive corporate growth. How does a company ensure quality and delivery levels are ubiquitous when their trainers are have differing backgrounds and experiences? How does a line function head let a critical team leave for training when they are already unable to maintain delivery requirements, and may impact a client relationship as a result?

There are solutions to all of the above. We’ve seen India catching up with foreign specialists very quickly over the past few years, and we’ve been fortunate enough to attract, engage, and retain an excellent training team - both within India and elsewhere. Current areas of emphasis include:

  • Effective Communication
  • Presentation Skills
  • Better Thinking
  • Team Dynamics
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Impossible Client Engagements

ils Assessments


Our integrated suite of psychological and behavioural assessments is helping corporations around India understand, develop, motivate, and retain better teams.

Every organization wishes for the ultimate management ability – to understand their teams. Some partially succeed, but most don’t make any headway at all.

Assessments are another of our oldest service offerings. With India’s level of corporate growth these past few years, companies are increasingly beginning to see the value of ongoing assessment services, but find there are very few specialists who truly understand the nuances involved in this kind of consulting for effectively generating value.

ILS has assessed 10,000+ people for corporations across the country, using a methodology developed internally over the past several years. Kaustav Majumdar, ILS Network founder and the head of our Assessments vertical, will be publishing the first book on our unique approach to corporate assessments in 2013.

Corporate assessments and consulting.

ils Secure


Blindspot is a two-tiered service for securing and strengthening your company through a careful audit of your IT infrastructure in combination with physical, perimeter and IT security.

Corporate security, IT security, and perimeter security consulting.

Our Information Security Services Division works with some of the best-known specialists in the world, analysing potential threats to physical and technology infrastructure for large corporations and small startups alike.

While any security consultant can solve problems in hindsight, we enjoy the challenge of predicting potential attacks...and addressing them before they take place. We also develop and implement sound business continuity strategies to get clients back on their feet as quickly and painlessly as possible from crippling malware infestations or deliberate hacking attempts. Lastly, since we’re frequently brought in for an initial engagement after a breach has already occurred, we employ cutting edge security forensics to identify and address attack vectors, overhaul legacy infrastructure, and strategically rebuild affected corporate networks.

Thought leaders worldwide have increasingly shifted emphasis to the convergence of all aspects of security, instead of treating security as a series of discrete modules. Our security division will be launching a monthly digest - the first of its kind in India - to understand and deliberate nuances in the field of security convergence in the third quarter of 2012.


ils Digital


Integrated web presence management, social media listening, reputation management, digital branding, and a host of related services.

A new service area for 2012, Buzzz delivers social media campaigns that integrate seamlessly with your existing initiatives to drive customer engagement, increase conversion, decrease attrition, and deliver measurable ROI.

The Cluetrain Manifesto established that markets are conversations, and that the internet is no different; your customers are talking about you online. This represents both an opportunity and a threat, but the conversation can’t be controlled either way (despite what your last PR firm told you). Participation is the only option. Are you ready?

Digital branding and online reputation management is a relatively new vertical for the ILS Network. We built competencies in many of these service areas years ago as the internet became increasingly important to our work, but in the first quarter of 2012 we reassembled those teams into a distinct division in response to increasing demand from new and existing clients.

With an integrated product suite including web presence management, social media listening, reputation management, digital branding, and a host of related strategic consulting areas, we are already setting new milestones for closely engaged customer relationships. Current clients include corporates across India and 7 major universities in the UK.


ils Creative


We offer stellar identity, branding, and visualization services, ranging from logos to website design to ad copy.

Design Process

Does your designer run multivariate testing and optimize user experiences after delivery? Developed by experienced consultants with international design management experience, our results-driven design process sets us apart. We deliver beautiful, effective design quickly and efficiently; then we test it relentlessly to improve it.

That's the difference between producing a pretty picture and creative assets that are effective within the context of our digital strategy.

On any given day, our creative wing handles everything from the brochure layout for Calcutta's first self-defence studio to visual identity, interactive video, and digital branding work for a top UK university's online presence in India. Our team includes user experience architects instead of Photoshop jockeys, content strategists instead of paid-by-the-word copywriters, and team leaders who can lead and nurture a design engagement within the context of your business goals.

Our unique approach to design is at the core of all of our visualization and creative offerings, ranging from digital video production or documentary film to website design. Talk to us to get a better feel for how this works, or have one of our team leaders guide you through an in-depth review of a client project and the processes that made it possible.

Creative agency.

ils Tech

Business Intelligence Readiness

ILS Network's technology advisory service offers a full range of business intelligence readiness assessments, analysis, and strategic planning.

Lotus Notes / Domino

Led by one of the most experienced Lotus Notes consultants and trainers in India, ILS Network offers highly specialized training and consulting in beginning and advanced Lotus Notes, based on a deep understanding of real-world applications and best practices in effective, efficient team collaboration.

As part of our learning services, our network includes some of the most insightful technology consultants in the country. In response to several client requests for strategic assistance or training / mentoring, we've developed several high-level training programs for corporate teams. Business intelligence and Lotus Notes / Lotus Domino consulting are currently most in demand, and we expect to add new service areas shortly.


ils HR

HR Lite

For large corporates, HR solutions may be important, but for smaller and mid-sized organizations, HR is critical.HR Lite was developed to be the first Human Resources and Human Capital Management solution for small to mid-sized enterprises. We integrate expert consulting with strategic analysis and ongoing support, affordably priced for SMEs.

Another of our oldest verticals, consulting in Human Resources and the emerging global practice of Human Capital Management continues to be one of our strongest areas. Our integrated solutions address ever aspect of HR, tailored to your specific needs, and we've recently expanded to include a customized package for SMEs.

Our HR services leverage the strength of our network across several related verticals, integrating psychometric analysis, leadership training, administrative support, and team-building through our experiential learning programs.


ils Recruitment


ILS Network's Recruitment division offers interviewing and assessment, recruitment process management, and background verification services. Instead of choosing two candidates from 50 mediocre applicants, let us select 7 from a pool of 200 highly qualified professionals, and guide you through the process of selecting the two perfect employees.

To get incredible results, India's top corporations depend on amazing teams. Get yours here.

We offer a full range of recruitment consulting services to meet the needs of rapidly growing companies, ranging from identifying critical weaknesses in your existing team to developing and implementing modern recruitment processes to identify, engage, and retain the best people for your business goals. Recruitment is available as a standalone service or tightly integrated with our advanced human capital management packages for corporates and SMEs.